Metcalf Photobooth!

Congratulations to the NEW MR. & MRS. Noah Metcalf!

First let me start with I’m soooo Sorry Cara and Noah but I just can’t wait anymore! I have posted the photobooth images for your guests to find and laugh at!
Here’s the link! If you can’t figure out the password from the clue send me an email.

I hope you all enjoyed the wedding as much as I did. Not only was I blessed to photograph my cousin and her new husband on their wedding day, I was able to show my family a little taste of what I do… What I LOVE to do! Hope it was fun for you all too!

So much love and happiness to you, Cara and Noah! We love you!

Photobooth Photos (Click link to get to gallery)


Gadgets and Gizmo’s

I’m such a gadget girl that it’s kinda annoying because it’s too expensive to be a gadget girl. You also have to balance your business versus purchasing of gadgets. I’ve priced everything out from traveling backup of my digital files, to Ipads, to Ring Lights all the way to my favorite pens. But I have to keep myself in check. Yes Gadgets are fun, but, (and I learned this from another blog, sorry to say I can’t remember the name. I’ll keep looking) you have to separate the Shiny from the necessary. With that said… I just bought a new Ray Flash. hahaha

Now I’ve read all the reviews and how people say it loses a few stops of light, and a lot of people took them apart and improved on it, but I wasn’t planning on doing any of that. I have to say I appreciate everyone that writes posts about products. It helped me immensely when I was thinking about buying this. I even looked at the $40 ones knowing you get what you pay for. I was planning to take apart the $40 one and make it better per the suggestions in Flickr’s Photo comments. I just decided I didn’t want any additional work if I wasn’t going to use it daily. * I read a review on flickr which was very helpful but can’t find it now. I’ll post here if I do find it. Another one about the photojojo Ring flash adapter is here.

I bought this used… way cheaper than the brand new and I bought it for setting up a Photobooth at my cousin’s wedding. * also remember for a Great Photobooth your best light source will be a Ring Light. Different from the Ring flashes, the Ring lights provide their own source of light from bulbs built into the ring. The Ray Flash just steals the light from your flash, hence the difference in name. Duh.

The RayFlash, goes for around $200, other options are the Orbis (but you need to buy an additional arm attachment around $50). But if you’re lucky enough like me, you can find it used online through Amazon or some other place. I got mine for $89 and actually… I LOVE IT! It’s so much fun and it works perfectly for my photobooth. I use the Canon 5D Mark II (Which I also LOVE) and the ring fits right on the flash and around my lens. It has a twisty knob at the top that secures (tightens) the fit to the flash head (using a Canon speedlight 580EZII)

All in all I’m really happy with my purchase for the money I spent. It arrived fast and is a clean product. As a Cape Cod Wedding Photographer and a Beach Portrait Photographer I plan on bringing it with me to my shoots and seeing what happens. I like my current process of portraits but I’m always willing to try new/more things to make myself better. So we’ll see… stay tuned for photos. I’ll let you know which were RayFlash too!

Thanks for Tuning in!