Pet Portraits

Meet Charley…


Charley is an adorable lil pup that I was lucky enough to meet at Drummer boy park a few months ago (before they banned dogs). His owner adopted him into her family and gave me the chance to photograph him at his home on a lake.

Charley was adorable and lovable and would sprint around their property looking for rabbits and other creatures. He gave me many smiles and was just so ready to cuddle.

Here's a lil sneak peak.





A Beautiful Wedding in NY

I’ve been away from blog posts for too long…

Last weekend I was honored to be the photographer for a great couple… I played Roller Derby with the bride for 3 years and love her dearly! They also own R’Eisen Shine farm… If you haven’t checked them out, PLEASE do! They are an organic farm that you can buy into and enjoy the harvest all year long! (Wish we still lived in New York so I could do it myself!)

I’m so excited to share with you a sneak peek from their amazing Day!
Congratulations Kim and Ejay, you are a beautiful couple, inside and out!